Responsive Web Design is Not Optimized for Smartphones – It is Not Mobile First

A few companies have accepted the responsive design as a great solution to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop websites! Read more!

In one of the latest surveys of digital business, it was discovered that approximately 93% of the business professionals are using or are planning to use the responsive design technique.

The truth is that there isn’t anything strange in this as the responsive design is a very professional and practical solution to developing websites that will fit any screen size and device. However, when the mobile tasks differ from desktop tasks and they usually do, the responsive approach taken will fail to satisfy users on desktops or smartphones.

The reason for this is because people usually do different things on their mobile phones than on their tablets or laptops. In order to serve the customers in those moments of need, you need to ensure you are giving them exactly what they want. So, if you are not able to reach all of your customers with an app, and the truth is that you won’t, the only solution left for you to do is to deliver an app-like smartphone web experience.

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Even though mobile moments were never on your plan when it comes to desktop browsing but you need to keep in mind that responsive web design approach can’t fix all problems. You need to deliver a slightly different experience on mobiles such as experience that loads promptly, that is task-oriented, works with one hand, and etc. You need to have your mobile users as a priority in your mind in order to be able to meet their needs and requirements.

So, if you want to deliver impeccable mobile moments on the web, and we are sure that you do, you will have to do one thing. You will have to take a one web page out of your app design and analyze it. You need to come to a solution on how you can offer a better mobile experience. Begin with understanding the needs of your mobile users, their motivations, and their desires and you will manage to design an excellent mobile experience.

This new responsive approach will be able to deliver a great mobile web experience that can transform based on user’s location, situation, need, and preferences. If your customers are happy, your company will be as well.