What Is a Responsive Web Design: Everything You Need to Know

Discover what a responsive design is and whether or not your website needs it! Get all important information here!

What Is a Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a term we use to define websites that react to different screen sizes and various devices. The websites that are created in this way use multiple style sheets, specific style methods, and client-side scripting techniques to ensure all web page elements resize, shift, and appear or disappear according to the screen size of the certain device.

The power of the responsive design is that it enables a website to display properly without the need to use various versions of the website. In other words, the website will look great on your desktop PC, your laptop, your tablet, and your smartphone. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: The Mobile First Design: Everything You Need to Know

This development technique allows us to have one website but several, if not infinite screen possibilities, based on the screen resolution users’ use. Buttons change size, blocks of the content shift, menus develop into dropdowns, and much more options that the user can experience, regardless of what device or screen size it uses.

The responsive design is not only an excellent technique to use but it makes your website look professional and practical as it presents the optimal navigation and viewing experience to every user.

This technique appeared through 2012 and apparently continuous to grow. So, if you are planning on developing a new website anytime soon, consider developing it as a responsive website.

Should You Use a Responsive Design – Does Your Website Need One?

In order to determine whether or not your website needs a responsive design, you need to take a look at your site today and in the future. Then, you need to discover who is using and visiting your website and what kind of devices your target group uses.

If the traffic comes mostly from desktop users then you will be just fine without implementing the responsive design. But, if your visitors user different devices to access your site then you should definitely use a responsive design as it will be easier and practical for your users to access your site and find everything they need. A responsive design is a great solution in this case and your visitors are going to appreciate it.

It is generally a smart idea to begin developing a responsive website and be prepared for the future trends.