How the Newest Responsive Design Affects Mobile First for Web Positioning

If you are a website owner and you are interested in discovering more information about web positioning, you have come to the right place as we are going to inform you about the latest trends on the market.


Believe it or not, Google has managed to surprise us all. By taking into consideration the importance of responsive web design to the newest concept Mobile First, Google has presented a new approach and model to web positioning. What is this exactly?


According to the research and the report developed by Telefonica - The Information Society, Spain is one of the most connected countries worldwide. As a matter of fact, more than 27 million users are connected to the internet, and what is even more interesting is the fact that Google is still one of the most used and popular search engines by the most of the users when looking for information on a specific topic. The real number is that Google actually covers more than 60% of the global queries in the world. With numbers like these, it is not surprising at all that users as well as companies want to proceed to fight for positions in the search engine list. However, Google has announced its own rules, since the beginning. All companies that want to be well positioned on the search engine list and appear among the first ones on the list must follow their rules.


Google has managed to transform the criteria to accredit one position or another to companies when it comes to the search results. In other words, this year, in 2017 Google will reward those who follow the concept mobile first. As a matter of fact, the companies that don’t abide by this rule could disappear in the final search results. If you remember, in 2014, Google has rewarded all websites that had a responsive design, so if you follow Mobile First you may be rewarded as well this year.

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Web Positioning

Mobile First is what you need to position well on Google, at least in 2017. So, hurry up!

You need to understand that more and more people are using their smartphones today. So, you are not doing this for Google only, but for your customers as well. According to the research, 8 out of 10 people are checking their mail through their mobile devices.


The companies had to modify their design to this new concept and give their customers something fresh. This year, in 2017, the mobile first concept will definitely be the leader when it comes to web positioning. So, you need to focus on how your website is going to look on mobile devices than on desktops, laptops or tablets.


We recommend you to start investing in the user experience first on mobile and then on a tablet, laptop, and desktop. You need to ensure everything is perfect, including the information you are going to include, the images you are going to add, and etc. The size of the mobile screen and laptop screen is not the same, so you need to determine what type of information and content are important to add on your mobile website.

If you already have a website, please don’t forget to implement this new trend. It is important to be in step with everything that is happening on the market, in order to position well on Google. As you probably know the competition is pretty tight, so you need to fight for your space!


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